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Charmant Claasje von der Fliederbrücke

Welcome to our Homepage

Like probably most Kooikerhondjes, our Claasje is a happy little fellow. As a young male, he loves to run free during daily walks among the surrounding rolling Rothaar hills. Here, he never strolls far away but always stays close to us.

On 06 June 2023 we received the approval for him as breeding male.

As members of the German Club for Kooikerhondje DCK we are excited about the prospect that, with Claasje's healthy line, we will hopefully contribute to the healthy preservation and expansion of this wonderful breed. - The world of the Kooiker ladies  is cordially invited! 😊

Here on Claasje's homepage we would like to give interested breeders an overview not only of Claasje's origins and achievements, but also about the environment in which he lives. We would also like to take the opportunity to share small experiences from Claasje's everyday life here in words and pictures at irregular intervals.









Furthermore, we would like to give visitors to our homepage a little insight into this amiable breed and inform  about its origins.

The copyrights for all texts and images published here remain with us. Sharing on social media or elsewhere is only permitted with our express permission.


At the Eendenkooi (duck catch), for which the Kooikerhondjes were originally bred as working dogs/water dogs

View into one of the catch tubes towards the pond. This Eendenkooi is located on Ameland and can be visited.

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